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Really busy right now, so near to final exam,pray for me .

student life

Nowadays i very busy and so many project and assigment must be submit on time so my schedule really pack and within 1 month final ,ahahahaha, i feel like baru melangkah masuk uitm then mnggu mds ,masuk kelas for the first time , ahakss, dgn test one week berderet so tough week , and i feel like i give up sometime,yelahh masa tak cukup, dh tak boleh nak manja-manja diri rileks and biarkan assigment and test di tepi, ahahaha, masa dgn housemate pn dh tak ada sbb mmg say hi only everyday ,yelahh semua course tak sama , kdg project diaorg byk buat dgn studio, nasib course aku tak ada studio ,kahkahkah, klau tak mmg angkut drawing prgi studio.
Seriusly i really miss my parents, my house, my room :'( miss everyone actually, nk balik kl pun tak sempat apatah lagi nk balik penang mmg tak sempat, everyweek project so my weekend special untuk project sahaja, huhu, this sem have 2 class foundation, next sem i have 3 class foundation, more tough and start from sem 3 to 6 i don&#…