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Nowadays i very busy and so many project and assigment must be submit on time so my schedule really pack and within 1 month final ,ahahahaha, i feel like baru melangkah masuk uitm then mnggu mds ,masuk kelas for the first time , ahakss, dgn test one week berderet so tough week , and i feel like i give up sometime,yelahh masa tak cukup, dh tak boleh nak manja-manja diri rileks and biarkan assigment and test di tepi, ahahaha, masa dgn housemate pn dh tak ada sbb mmg say hi only everyday ,yelahh semua course tak sama , kdg project diaorg byk buat dgn studio, nasib course aku tak ada studio ,kahkahkah, klau tak mmg angkut drawing prgi studio.

Seriusly i really miss my parents, my house, my room :'( miss everyone actually, nk balik kl pun tak sempat apatah lagi nk balik penang mmg tak sempat, everyweek project so my weekend special untuk project sahaja, huhu, this sem have 2 class foundation, next sem i have 3 class foundation, more tough and start from sem 3 to 6 i don't have class foundation anymore heaven but more class theory and need to focus and hafal semua theory :)

Like everyone said ,further studies easy, to me not because time study you have arranged your schedule, and i have do mistake when early class and i don't focus to test even lecturer give preview but i don't care and my carry mark just okay but still don't satiesfied with that carry mark, like my friend said this our future we must to do our best and i try my best to make everyone proud with me .

Now when age enter 20 ,i feel like i must be responsible to what i doing and i think carefully about my reaction in situation i have to hadapi, when i was kid, my abah always said 'everyday we think what we should do today, in morning or night before we have schedule to do,and alhamdulilah till now i do it, thanks abah teach kakak , love u

When we grow up , we can thanks to our parents because what they don't like ,we like, so they don't give us to follow what our heart want, and  now we realise what we want to do is very bad for us,they love us that why they want we choose the best for us , everyday or once a week try call our parents and when they give us pocket money ,say thanks, whatever they support us, say thanks parents , we can make they happy even they do not show , especially my abah, like org selalu ckp , lelaki ego mana la nk tunjuk kasih sayang, tp sebenarnya sayang, hihi, 2 years more if Allah willing i graduate and i want make my parent proud , i only gegirl son and i the only emo son, hahaha,i try my best for my parents, even sometimes can't be best , i try and try .

So sampai sini sahaja, semoga kita baik-baik saja and if i free, i nak memeriahkan lagi blog ni, hahaha, lps habis zaman spm , dgn  stpm ni ,blog ni dh tak ada sgt and byk entry dh delete sbb byk meroyan  je lebih ,ihiks, so see u next time ,in sha allah .


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